Pakistan makes a laughing stock of itself


J K News Today Commentary

It was more than amusing when Pakistan started lecturing India how to approach Kashmir issue in the aftermath of the killing of seven villagers in a blast in a village in south Kashmir on Sunday . The tragic incident  that owes its  origin to the rush of the mob to the encounter site without caring for the warnings that it would be dangerous to do so, is being exploited by  Pakistan , just to deflect  the attention from its deep failures  in keeping its own house in order.

Indian Ministry of External Affairs  Spokesperson Ravish Kumar’s response to Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan’s  tweet on Monday on the tragedy in Kulgam was quite  appropriate and  a lesson for Pakistan and its establishment.

“The remarks made by Pakistan’s Prime Minister in his tweet today are deeply regrettable. Instead of making comments on India ‘s internal affairs, Pakistan leadership should look inwards and address its own issues.

Pakistan would serve the interest of the people of the region by taking credible action against all kind of support to terrorism and terror infrastructure from all territories under its control rather than supporting and glorifying terrorists and terror activities against India and its other neighbours. Pakistan’s deceitful stand on dialogue, while supporting terror and violence, stands exposed to the whole world.”

But, as is the nature of Pakistan , it would not  learn any lessons  because it is  deaf and dumb to the sound and reasonable advice . It  has ditched the US that had given it billions of dollars to fight terrorism, but  in return , it encouraged the terrorists and their infrastructure  with a clear intention to harm American interests .

The problem with Pakistan is that it dubs terrorists also as civilians , like it is evident from the statement issued by Pakistan Foreign Minister  on Monday in which he strongly “condemned the horrific  killing of more than ten innocent Kashmiris.” It clubbed together the seven civilians  and three terrorists in the same bracket , terming them “ innocents.” It is the   attribution of innocents to terrorists that has been the main problem of Kashmir. It is this deception and delusion that has harmed Pakistan and Pakistanis  more than anything else .

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan  who in a tweet  on Monday asked India to “ realise it must move to resolve the Kashmir dispute through dialogue ….”  Should apply this logic at home first . Let his government talk to  Pashtun Tahaffuz Movement”. He would be doing a service to his nation if he gets the army to stop atrocities on PTM activists  who are just demanding equal rights.

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