Pakistan  must look into the mirror of its own H R records

Adil Bhat

JK NewsToday Commentary

It was a bad incident   in Pulwama in south Kashmir on   December 15 , when seven protestors who had  almost captured an Indian army vehicle  by the sheer strength of the numbers comprising the hostile crowd , were killed .  The crowd had no reason to do what it did  and the options of the security forces were limited in the given situation .

But that gives no right to Prime Minister of Pakistan  Imran Khan to deliver lessons on the human rights to Delhi . He is well advised to look at his own backyard where Pushtoons and Balochis are being crushed  with all the military might .  He needs to look into the  mirror image of Pakistan in the eyes of the world about its own  human rights  violation record .

He has tweeted that he would take up this issue of the Pulwama incident at the United Nations- but let him be reminded that  how the  U S had recently  listed it among the countries where there is no religious freedom . It would be better for Pakistan to set its own house in order before talking about Jammu and Kashmir .

Imran Khan, who is also known as Taliban Khan, should tell the world how the rights of the people of the Pakistan occupied Kashmir have been mutilated  for the past seven decades. The minorities don’t exist there and the freedom of the people of the so-called “ Azad Kashmir”  has been curbed . Many groups are not allowed to contest elections , and the terrorist-military nexus of Pakistan has  stifled all the  voices of dissident .

Imran Khan is advised to read this observation of the Human Rights Watch ;

“ The Pakistan government is increasingly silencing  critical voices of journalists and activists under the pretext of national security . Enforced disappearances , extrajudicial killings , and torture take place  with impunity , while security forces exercise undue political influence over civilian authorities. Blasphemy –related  violence against religious minorities , fostered in part by government persecution and discriminatory laws , is frequent . Authorities have failed to establish adequate protection or accountability for abuses against women  and girls , including “ honor” killings and forces marriage . Over 490 people have been executed since the government ended an unofficial ban on the death penalty in late 2014”. Prime Minister Khan of Pakistan this is the mirror image of  Pakistan  and better look into it before pointing accusing fingers  at others.

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