Pakistan must stop  terrorism in Kashmir


Pakistan  needs to ask a question to itself : why there are human rights violations in Jammu and Kashmir . Obviously, it won’t answer this question without blaming the security forces for  what it calls  their “ oppression” on the Kashmiri masses .  This is simply not true .

Islamabad can ask, why ?  The true answer lies in the fact that the root cause of the human rights violations is Pakistan army- ISI’s support to the promotion of terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir  by suing the  youth of Kashmir as cannon fodder . There is no going back from this fact and there are plenty of reasons for that .

Who introduced gun and violence in Kashmir . The answer to this question is  the way the youth of Kashmir Valley were exploited  in the 1980s – first they were made to believe that the Indians have cheated them of their democratic rights . Then, they were made to see darkness  all around . First a situation of hopelessness was created  and then they were indoctrinated to  find an  outlet through  the barrel of gun . This was a systematic killing of the innocence of the youth of Kashmir . This is where Pakistan is responsible for everything that has gone wrong in J&K.

Now, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan says that “ Pakistan will continue to lend  political, moral and diplomatic support  to Kashmiris”. Fine enough ! But what is the definition of the political, moral and diplomatic support ?  Is this the way Pakistan conducts its  diplomacy by exporting guns  and bullets to the peaceful area .

Let’s  face the reality that Pakistan is denying all along . It seeks to employ the war machine of terrorism  in pursuit of its large geo-strategic  goals  of bleeding  India  for it wants to avenge its loss of East Pakistan , now Bangladesh,  without  comprehending one particular aspect  that it  was  West Pakistan’s oppression on the soil of the erstwhile East Pakistan to suppress  the voices of  democratic rights  that resulted in  the loss of East Pakistan  from its western wing .

The policy of Pakistan to dial terrorism  for its objectives  is  the real crime that it is committing on the people of Kashmir . Its  lessons on human rights  are not only vague but also  replete with  double  standards .

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