Pakistan needs to learn lessons on Kashmir

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Gradually, the international community is recognizing  that India  has done in Jammu and Kashmir  what was within its Constitution and no outside power has any reason to interfere in the internal affairs of the sovereign country that also is the largest democracy in the world.

Ian Lavery’s letter makes it clear that how the international opinion has started changing on Kashmir . The UK’s Labour Party leader has virtually rebelled against the party leader Jeremy Corbyn  who had spoken critical words about India following the August 5 decision of repealing special status of J&K, then state. Lavery’s has made things clear by claiming that his party will neither be anti-India nor anti-Pakistan , and termed Kashmir as a bilateral issue between Delhi and Islamabad.

This is a profound message . It not only signals a shift in one of the two premier parties in the United Kingdom, but also something that the rest of the political leadership in Europe would pick up. This is beginning of a new change in the continent. It is important because the Britishers have ruled India and have a significant , though not so pleasant role, in creating the Kashmir problem . The Labour party cannot escape the history that it mired for its interests.

In 2019, such a change , seen against the backdrop of what has happened in the past over three months since the abrogation of Article 370 and bifurcation of J&K into two union territories , is welcome .

For Lavery , it may be an issue of addressing the political campaign issue, in the run up to the December 12 elections, as the Indian diaspora has  started looking toward Tories as an alternative , but what is important is that how the mood is changing . It may go well beyond the vote politics that Lavey might have set off by changing the stance . It will have its own ripple effect that may rise all the tidal waves that have tried to hit the Indian stand on Kashmir .

Pakistan  should  learn a lesson from it. By continuously raking up  Kashmir issue, Pakistan is courting its isolation.

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