Pakistan playing with fire !!!

J K News Today Commentary

Pakistan is playing with fire . Its summoning of the civilian population to the line of control that divides Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh between India and Pakistan is fraught with dangerous portents . Pakistan is doing it deliberately to showcase that the people of Pakistan and Pakistan occupied Kashmir, stand in solidarity with the Kashmiris on this side of the LoC. This is nothing but a ploy to draw international attention to its obsession with  Kashmir.

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan will be in PoK , where he will address the people  and tell them, what all his government is doing for the people of Kashmir , who according to him are suffering  from a lockdown since August 5, when its autonomous status was revoked and it was  brought on par with the other parts of India . What is indigestible  for Pakistan , is that  “ It was India’s sovereign decision” as per the constitution of India, that had provided the special status to Jammu and Kashmir on “ temporary” basis , and it had all the rights to do away with it within the framework of the constitution.

The people of  Pakistan  had seen it for themselves that it was not just a decree from the President of India’s office nullifying the specials status granting provisions to J&K , but it was something which was deliberated thoroughly and then passed by the Parliament. In India, the Parliament is elected by the people unlike that of Pakistan where army decides which party would rule the state, and  for how long.

By lining up the civilian population close to the LoC that is alive nowadays as Pakistan had been violating the ceasefire agreement of November 2003 on  regular basis , it has sinister intentions. Pakistan army, as it has been doing for the past few months with increased frequency, would open fire on the Indian positions to provoke the Indian side .

This presents a dangerous scenario . India will not be keeping quiet  in the wake of such a grave provocation in which Indian soldiers and citizens would come in harm’s way . They would fire back. Then there could be consequences on either side .

Pakistan is using the PoK civilians as cannon fodder  because it has no sympathy with the population living on either side of the LoC. The world community is not a fool. It ahs seen through its game. Pakistan must stop all these foolish acts where there will be losses and losses only .

Or, there could be another possibility, it would bring the armed militants with the civilians, unaware of the designs of the military establishment of Pakistan, and push them to the Indian side  by diverting the attention of the Indian army between Pakistan firing and the civilian “ demonstrations” on the other side of the LoC. This again is a situation rife with serious consequences.

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