Pakistan should mind its own business , Kashmiris are happy

J K News Today  Commentary

 Pakistan on Friday observed what it called “ Kashmir hour” in solidarity with the people of Kashmir , who, it said were suffering in pain  following scrapping of the special status of the state that had been there in the Indian constitution since the times of  Jawaharlal Nehru. It is the discretion of Pakistan and its rulers to do what they want to do with their country , particularly when Islamabad is known to be seeking the help of the world to come out of the quagmire in which its economy is mired.

Kashmiris knew that Pakistan was observing “ Kashmir hour” on Friday, the day of congregational prayers . But did they join observance of this day or appreciate the fact that Pakistanis were out on streets for them. No. Why, because they have seen the real face of Pakistan and its theatrics within Pakistan and also at the world fora using the name of  Kashmir to mislead the global  opinion . the things have reached to such a dampening  point that the “ friends of Pakistan” – the Islamic countries have not uttered even a single word against the revocation of Article 370 and 35A on August 5. In fact, they have feted Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in their countries, that Pakistanis themselves might have seen  on their TV screens that relayed the images from the gulf countries .

Pakistan has  a reason to be peeved . The Modi government in one stroke has upheld the Indian sovereignty over Jammu and Kashmir in complete and absolute terms . There are no ifs left . The constitutional barriers that had hindered the progress of the state and the kept the Kashmiri youth from availing opportunities at the national level for they were pushed to the cocooned thinking , as if the world outside was nothing and everything that Article 370 granted was the ultimate.

This sense of the ultimate has vanished . The goal posts have become bigger , and so are the opportunities. Pakistan can do what it likes , but nothing is going to come out of it.

It is better that Pakistani leadership , civilian and military both, to heed the advice of Prime Minister Narendra Modi that they should learn to recognize the “ reality,” as it exists today.

There is absolutely no doubt that these were the constitutional provisions in the constitution that was framed in 1950s , particularly after Delhi agreement of 1952, but these were “ transitory” and “ temporary”. Temporary cannot be a permanent . It cannot live in perpetuity. There has to be an end to it.

On August 5, the Indian government brought down curtains on the two constitutional provisions  with the collective wisdom of the Indian parliament . Pakistan should mind its own business. Kashmiris are  happy , though they have some grievances , but they also know that these can be addressed and redressed by Delhi alone . It would be good for Pakistan to read writing on the wall instead of living in a make-believe world of its own creation.

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