Please harness the power of social media: Basant to his officers

JK News Today
Jammu, March 16:
Following Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s idea of using social media in positive ways to explore opportunities, IGP Traffic, J&K, Basant Kumar Rath today issued an order for his officers to use social media.
Issuing a written order for his sub-ordinates, the IGP traffic under subject ‘please harness the power of social media to improve our services delivery system.’
The IGP Basant Rath said that please be regular on social media like facebook and tweeter to connect with the road users and get their feedback.
He also added and suggested his officers that by doing such they will get ideas from social media users and it will reduce his work load.
It is worth mentioning that the IGP is connected with his officers as well as road users via social media and himself is an active user and reply the queries and asked for suggestions for traffic management and his such ideas brought revolution in maintenance of traffic rules and regulations.

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