PM’s historic address on historic decision on J&K

Binoo Joshi
J K News Today
Jammu , August 8 Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation on Thursday evening that opened eyes of the world to the suffering of the people of Jammu and Kashmir brought upon them by the special status that served as prompter of terrorism and denial of justice and citizenship rights to the peoples of Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir Valley .
The address had all the components of the history of the gone by era and promise of a new and bright future for the peoples of the state that has appeared on the political and geographical map as the Union Territories for Ladakh and Jammu and Kashmir , thus changing the history and also the geography that meets the aspirations of all those who were suffering from the ill-consequences of the special status under Articles 370 and 35 A.
Prime Minister did not mice his words in exposing the ills that had befallen on the citizens , who were virtually reduced to semi citizens , while they lived in a delusion that they were special because of the dual citizenship that they enjoyed as the permanent residents of the state and also that of the country, while West Pakistan refugees were deprived of their human rights as they had no citizenship rights in the state as they could neither vote or contest for any of the elections barring the parliamentary polls .
Prime Minister turned the pages of the injustices that came with the Article 370 and 35A , which not only deprived the people of the benefits that were due to them because of the Central laws and schemes , but also humiliated as these provisions were used as a “ weapon of terror” by Pakistan and few trouble makers to deny opportunities of jobs to the deserving and the talented people.
Modi has promised to give wings to the dreams of the talented youth and also to the new leadership that has emerged after the panchayat elections . “ I have met them and I discovered in them the potential to lead the place and the people ,” he said as he assured that the new legislature , elected by the people would be soon in place . He did assuage the feeling of those hurt by the loss of statehood along with that of the special status of Jammu and Kashmir by asserting that the UT for J&K was a temporary arrangement , and this UT will soon get its statehood back .
The promise of new and bright future was all appealing as the people of Jammu and Kashmir had been looking for opportunities to walk lockstep with the rest of the world to shine and prove that they are as talented, enterprising and innovative as the youth elsewhere in the world.

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