PM’s one word on Article 370 said it all

JKNews Today special commentary
Jammu, May 30:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said it all in one sentence about the forward- looking moment for Jammu and Kashmir.
In his letter to citizens marking the first anniversary of his second consecutive term in office, the PM wrote , ” The decision on Article 370 furthered the spirit of national integration and unity.” This is not an ordinary sentence . There is a vibrant spirit behind it, and , when analysed , it encompasses emotions of the whole of the Indian nation that had been articulating its aspirations to have one rule and one system across the country.
It would be a mistake the scrapping of Article 370 merely as a fulfilment of Bhartiya Janta Party’s long standing agenda of having one flag, one nation and one constitution. There was certainly something more than the party agenda. A wide and vocal support from leaders of other parties confirmed it without any iota of doubt.
Things might not have worked the way those were supposed to play out after the constitutional demise of the Article 370, but that is not a dampener at all to the hopes of millions and millions of people across the country who are sure that the scrapping of the Article 370 will live up to J&K of their dreams- a real paradise on earth filled with ubreachable peace and bursting with huge economic activity.
PM has injected and reinforced that hope for the masses of J&K and the rest of the nation.

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