PoK protests never get reported in Pakistani media

JK News Today

Srinagar, October 30:

Does any one know that every year in October , the people living in Pakistan occupied Kashmir hold  protest against the tribesman’s invasion of Jammu and Kashmir in 1947 . This news never comes out of the PoK  because the army controlled media  in Pakistan never reports such  protests .

This revelation was made by Pakistani writer  Anam Zakaria  in her  book “ Between the Great Divide , a journey into Pakistan administered Kashmir.”  She  writes that every year in October the protests against the tribesmen’s invasion of Jammu and Kashmir  are held in cities and towns across the Pakistan occupied Kashmir .

She has written in her well researched book , “ Everyone else I spoke to  in ‘Azad’ Kashmir about the role of the ‘tribesmen’, voiced similar emotions mutedly or assertively.”

“ In fact, I would learn that every year in October, a few protestors collect, condemning the raids. In 2017, to mark the seventieth anniversary of the raids, dozens came out across different cities of ‘Azad’ Kashmir, denouncing the raids”

She also mentions that this news never makes it to the media in Pakistan .

The media in  PoK and Pakistan is controlled by Pakistan army and they cannot write even a word about  such protests.

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