Real import of  Mehbooba’s speech at TAAI convention in Srinagar

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Binoo Joshi


Chief Minister  Mehbooba Mufti’s charge that  India has abandoned Kashmir is   a serious indictment of New Delhi . It needs to be studied and analyzed and then acted upon  to build the bridges between the Valley  and the rest of the country.

She did not mince words while speaking at the TAAI convention in Srinagar, when she said that the only solution that Delhi seems to be having  for Kashmir is the bullet for bullet  policy , and that is not going to help the matters As she was building a case for a positive  perception and wholesome tourist season in Kashmir  this year, for the  tourist season had become the biggest casualty  in the past few years , she laid focus on “ hand holding” by the country , which she said  was necessary to  open new doors of optimism  for the people of Kashmir lost in distress because of the tough times they were going through.

In realistic terms, what Mehbooba Mufti  told the audience of the travel agents, tour operators and others interested in visiting Kashmir , was  reflection of  the dilemma of  a troubled Chief Minister who is facing flak from all sides. Everyone wants her to do something for them , but she is caught in a situation where she feels her own people are not understanding the real importance of peace  and the revival of tourism and at the same time she was mourning the absence of the helping hand of Delhi .

When she  demanded “ healing touch” from the country ,  Mehbooba was  telling Delhi that it has failed to do so  and has relief purely on the  military approach – gun versus gun. She  wanted Delhi to understand the Kashmir situation in  realistic  terms . Her call, if read properly, was for the  dialogue with the alienated sections of society , and  a passionate plea to the tour operators   to reward the  unmatched hospitality  of the people of Kashmir .” It is amazing,” she told the audience as she  wondered whether the paradise  on the earth-Kashmir  is better than the mythical paradise . “ This is the paradise of mountains, forests and  brooks”, she explained as she  try to tell the world that it should not get deterred by the explosive  broadcasts  of  encounters in some remote corner of Kashmir .” The whole Kashmir is not affected by that, please don’t go by that images of flames and gun shots in  one of the areas, the rest of Kashmir is  violence- free.”.

The bloodshed on the LoC  was killing . This should be stopped, she  pleaded and it was again a call to New Delhi  to end this with the  solution other than gun for gun. The clear meaning was  that  Delhi should open dialogue  with Pakistan .


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