Separate Jammu state can restore dignity of people: Mankotia

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Kathua, April 13

Haq-insaaf yatra started by Panther’s Party for separate statehood for Jammu region reached Kathua district on Thursday. Panther Party’s state president Balwant Singh Mankotia addressed series of rallies on 13th day and highlighted the motive of starting the Haq-Insaaf yatra for seeking right and justice for the people of Jammu region. He said separate Jammu state is the viable solution to save this region.

Haq-Insaaf yatra led by Panther Party’s state president Balwant Singh Mankotia today reached in Kathua district. Earlier, he addressed rallies at Battal Ballian, Gagwal, Dayalachak, Sallan and Mangloor (Banote) where local people whole heartedly welcomed the Haq-insaaf yatra started for separate Jammu state. While addressing the gathering at Mangloor, Balwant Singh Mankotia said that more than one crore people from Jammu, Himachal and Punjab used to speak Dogri language. After a long struggle, in 2004 Dogri language incorporated in the 8th schedule of Indian constitution while Kashmiri language was inducted 40 years back and only 30 lakh people speak this language.

Mankotia said that its compulsory to give representation to the language included in the 8th schedule and should be published on currency note. Unfortunately, Kashmiri representation to Kashmiri language was given but no mention of Dogri on currency notes. Panther Party’s state president said when Dogri language was included in 8th schedule of Indian constitution, it was difficult to give representation on currency notes.


PP state president said in October 2016 when Union government started demonetization process in country and launched new Rs 500 and Rs 2000 notes in market, there was no mention of Dogri Language on these new notes which proves that Central government has no affection with the sentiments of Jammu people and only using as vote bank by adopting use and throw policy. If people wants to safeguard the culture and language of the Jammu region, then its necessary that Jammu region can get status of separate state. On this occasion Robin Sharma, Parduman Singh, Manoj Gupta, Ankush Singh, Satish Sharma and other local people were also present.

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