St. Mary’s Infant Convent School guerdons achievers

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Jammu, March 28

The campus of St. Mary’s Infant Convent School (formerly St. Mary’s Infant Pre School) was enwrapped in effervescence as the school organized a prize distribution ceremony to throw flowers at its shining stars for adding feathers to their caps all through the prodigious academic year 2016-17. The event was marked by copious moments of amour propre for a concourse of ecstatic bairns who were  rhapsodized over for abounding accomplishments in scholastic and co-scholastic arenas.

The event was graced by the valued presence of Shirley John, Principal of St. Peter’s Nursery School, Prem Nagar, who was the Chief Guest of the occasion, and Anisha Lakra, who glorified the event as the Guest of Honour. Anna Mary, Chairperson of the school, accorded a warm welcome to the luminaries which was followed by the lighting of the ceremonial lamp by their gracious hands.

Soon after the curtains were raised on the momentous occasion, students laced the extravagant event with their soulful performances. Thereafter, the stage was set for emblazoning the triumphs of students. Around 54 estimable students received commendations from the special vedettes for their stellar performances in both curricular and co-curricular activities throughout the year.

Tiny tots had a cornucopia of encomiums coming their way from the dignitaries. The school too received rave reviews from the panjandrums. The grandees gave plaudits to the school for organizing a plethora of activities from time to time to ensure holistic growth and development of the students.

Chairperson, Anna Mary honoured the notabilities and expressed gratitude towards them for their benign presence. Anna Mary also gave accolades to the wunderkinds for their remarkable display of hard work and talent throughout all the seasons of the year and fired students with enthusiasm to stay unsurpassed.

Addressing the gathering, Sheetal Anthony, Principal of the school, went into raptures about the unparalleled contribution of the parents and the staff members in making adept students carry the day.

The Head boy of the school, Adrian Raj Anthony, proposed the formal vote of thanks wherein he eulogized each and every person who made the entire academic year a sterling session.

With the dreams of even bigger achievements in the following year, clearly visible in the eyes of the infants, the event drew to a close, and the achievers continued to shine like jewels in the crown.


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