Start course-correction in Kashmir right away

Binoo Joshi

JK News Today Commentary

That the situation in Kashmir is deteriorating is a statement of facts , but what is more alarming is that no steps are being taken to  curb the ever pacing cycle of violence  that has scared the common man and dented the image of the Valley beyond repair .

When Lashkar militants killed two policemen  in SMHS hospital in Srinagar on Tuesday , they  had no qualms about making hospital as a place for staging  the terror attack to free Pakistani militant Naved Jutt . That is not only the deterioration  in the situation , but also  a challenge to the social milieu  in Kashmir . It has to be measured in the backdrop of the militants killing worshipers  outside mosques and choosing their targets  almost every where neither homes are safe  nor the work places.

Another challenge is not just how to plug the loopholes in the security system that led to such  an attack in the hospital , but the silence with which the attack was  greeted by civil society . Separatists were quiet , because they  are shy of  summoning the courage in  cases where the terror attacks are involved.  This is a matter of security of doctors and patients, but the  silence on their part is also intriguing . This silence amounts to  silently accepting what happened in the hospital on Tuesday . That, in some sense is more dangerous than the attack itself..

Read with the disclosures in the Legislative Assembly that 120 youth   joined militancy in 2017 while 160 others  did so in the previous  two years , it reveals that the youth  are opting for terrain of violence  from the natural  soil of the normal life . There must be a number of reasons and no one particular reason can define  their  opting for militancy where they know  the only certainty is death .

The problem is that the youth are living in an atmosphere of despair, where they find that  their educational pursuits and  yearning for peace is taken for granted  and those who make noise or cause disturbances are rewarded with  the appointments through backdoor . This also stymies the talent of those seeking to make it big in their lives  due to their hard work.

A course-correction is needed . That can come only when there is a narrative of consensus as to how to deal with the problem of militancy in a holistic manner  and to keep the youth engaged in positive track so that they don’t astray . For this , there is a need to change the content and core of the atmosphere . The violence needs to be pushed to the margins and then  edged out completely . That is the only way  out.


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