Sunil Dimple leads anti pak rally for the release of Kalbhushan Yadhav from Pak Jail.


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Jammu December 28: Sunil Dimple president Jammu west assembly movement led a massive strong protest march, dhrnas on Janipur high court road for the release of the Kalbushan Yadav from the Pakistan jail, protested demanding the prime minister of India Narinder Modi to immediately visit the Jammu Kashmir state and on LOC Boarders of the Jammu region and against the Pakistan for the frequent cease fire violation on the LOC.

The protesters burnt the effigies of the Pakistan, Flags and also burnt the effigies of the BJP-PDP Govt for the failure to control militancy in the state.

Addressing the protesters Sunil Dimple demanded the prime minister demanded prime minister to take effective steps for the release Kalbushan Yadav from the Pakistan jail, as the Pakistan has awarded death stance to him.

He said this is a matter of great shame for the Pakistan that it misbehaved with the mother and wife of Kalbhushan yadav and they were badly harassed and humiliated by the Pakistan duirin their visit in Pakistan.

Dimple demanded Narinder Modi to take effective steps to release the Yadhav from Pak jail.

He demanded GOI india to send the battery of the Indian lawyers and doctors for his medical check up treatment and to fight his case in Pakistan. So that he may not the same fait of sarbjet singh.

He appealed prime minister to involve international pressure on Pakistan for the release of Kalbhushan Yadahv.

Dimple also urged prime minister to get release other Indians also languishing in Pakistan and have completed their imprisonment.

He appealed prime minister to carry on more surgical strikes in Pakistan against its frequent cease fire violation on the LOC residential villages.

Dimple further appealed Narinder Modi to tell the people of the nation on the floor of the on going parliament session the factual prevailing situation of the jammu Kashmir state.

He also demanded PM to tell the nation in parliament, what steps has been taken to control the Pakistan frequent cease fire violations.

He demanded PM to immediately visit on the LOC boarders of the Jammu Kashmir state, as there is blood bath on the LOC boarder of the Jammu region by the mortars shelling of the Pakistan on the residential villages.

He urged Narinder Modi there is going on multi dimensional war in the jammu Kashmir state internally and on LOC with pakistan.


Dimple demanded Prime minister Narinder modi to start war Pakistan and no Indo-Pak talks and dialogue with Pakistan and separatists. .

He demanded NIA for immediate life term arrest of separatist Huriayt leaders Sayeed Ali Shaha Gelani, Yasin malik and Mirwaiz omr Farrok by NIA. As they have destroyed the peace and development and Pakistan agents sitting on Indian soil. He said these separatists are not ready to join national main stream and are also not ready meet the introlocutar.

Dimple alleged the central BJP leaders and Narinder Modi Govt is protecting/saving the failed state BJP-PDP Govt. continuation of further BJP-PDP alliance is dangerous for the state.

He said the state BJP-PDP govt has totally failed to meet the challenges of the Pakistan and complete failure of the Govt machinery for the last three years there is Kashmir unrest.

He said it is very unfortunate that the central govt has also failed to check the Pakistan nefarious designs and in giving them befitting reply.

He alleged the prime minister is silent hiding the factual position from the state from the people of the nation and the present prevailing situation in the state.

Dimple expressed anguish, concern over the release, withdrawal of the FIR registered cases on the stone palters,  the chief minister Mahbooba mufti demand for the INDO- PAK talks at a time when the Pakistan has started war with India and separatists forces are burning Kashmir and made hostage to the people of the kashmir valley for the last 27 years militancy.

He demanded the prime minister and international fore to declare Pakistan a terrorist country. He urged the PM and international fora to liberate the POK, Gilgit, Blatistan from the Pakistan.

Dimple urged upon the prime minister to start surgical strikes, war with Pakistan enter pok, gilgit and blouchistan and destroy the terrorist training camps in POK.  attack on the army pickets of Pakistan.

He demanded prime minister to attack on Pakistan and liberate POK, Baluchistan and Gilgit from the Pakistan.

Dimple demanded the prime minister to “hand over the whole Jammu Kashmir state to the Army” as the Kashmir unrest has turned in to the jammu Kashmir state unrest.

He said Pakistan is recruiting many youths of our country and our state as per intelligence security reports.

He demanded for the continuation of the AFSPA  free hand to security forces, free hand to administration and the Governor rule can save the state from further destruction, blood shed and save the state from Pakistan and separatists terrorism.

Dimple said very active on the LOC along the boarders of the jammu region, for the infiltrations. of the militants, ammunition, drugs in the state and in jammu.

Dimple demanded combing Operation around the periphery, outer localities of the jammu city.

Dimple alleged that as per inputs the sleepers cells are active in jammu region and particularly in the Jammu city also. In some localities the sleepers are very active and have anti national material and there are full chances that they might have the ammunition also with them.

Dimple said every day the large number of kashmiri youths are being recruited in militancy, joining the militancy and their videos pic are very viral on the social media with the weapons and A-47.

The other protestors are Harbans Tondon, Chaman Pawar, Ramesh Chander Kohli, Vijay Khajuria, Ashok Khana, Dev Raj, Dr ON Pandita, B L Sahni, Kulwant Sharma, Vicky, Vipan, Mukesh, Rakesh, Jetinder Gupta, Depak Gupta  many others .

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