The Basant Rath Effect


– Vaneet Kaur


Where we have seen nothing but hollow officers, there is one that definitely needs to be hallowed. Whole town has gone into raptures about a man whose name is Rath and whose wrath towards offenders in itself is enough to treat the traffic menace from the root cause. Hail the one who is emerging as a hero and hummed as Singham.

The aura of the super cop is so strong and personality so charismatic that one eagerly waits to see and hear about Basant! Everybody stays glued to his social media handles to get cognized about his next update. The Rath’s raging wave is truly magical.

Like whole of the town I too am wax lyrical about the top cop and why not. I sent a message to the officer about traffic chaos at a particular place and within a minute I received an acknowledgement of the same from him. Finally someone is listening! Moreover, it does not remains cramped to listening, even proper action is guaranteed.

Such is the effect of Rath, masses are compelled to think twice before violating any traffic rules. Agreed, that he is not omnipresent and it is not only him who is doing it but all of this surely is a one man. It is Mr. Basant Rath who single-handedly has shown the way, guided the way and lead the way. Many officers have come and gone but never ever there has been a visible change like this before.

Strictness with the descendants of the rich and affluent has been unprecedented and so has been performing duty irrespective of time and health. The officer surely needs to be eulogized for the seismic shift brought by the virtue of Rath being on roads.

Right now a block buster movie called Basant Rath is going on, natheless, there may soon be an interval or perhaps the end. The glimpses of the intervals can be seen in him already being restricted by his superiors. The end may be when, as the history suggests, the honest and wise will be transferred by fools deeming him as a real threat.

Lamentably, if the fears come alive, there will be no happy ending. The entire system will collapse and whole state will be in a mega mess, bigger than the one it was in before Rath took charge. Rath will be lukewarm about the same as competence needs no particular place to be proved but the real loss will be of the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Here is hoping that the incompetent let the competent work endlessly even on their behalf and let the residents of paradise actually get the feel of being in one.

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