Third trilogy in Greek tragedy Hecuba presented

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Jammu, Apr 6: The Trojan Women-Hecuba, also known as Troades, a tragedy by the Greek playwright Euripides was today presented by Kalakruti, at Abhinav Theatre today.

It is one of a trilogy of plays dealing with the suffering created by the Trojan Wars. Hecuba, Queen of the Trojans and mother of Hector, one of Troy’s most fearsome warriors, looks upon the remains of her kingdom after the war that left ruins in Trojan.

In the aftermath of the Trojan Wars, Queen Hecuba takes stock of the defeated kingdom. Her son has been killed, and his widow, Andromache is left to raise their son, Astyanax alone. Hecuba’s daughter, Cassandra fears being enslaved by her Greek masters, while Helen of Troy risks being executed. Astyanax also becomes the focus of the Greeks’ attention as the last male heir of the Trojan royal family. But the most awful truth is unknown to them until Talthybius the messenger of the Greek king, comes to the ruined city and tells them that King Agamemnon and his brother Menelaus have decreed that Hector’s son Astyanax must die — the last of the male royalty of Troy must be executed to ensure the extinction of the line.

Neha Lahotra , a renowned theatre actor and director of the state executed the plight and apathy of the royale patronage of Troy withering through fearless Greek dominance. Recipient of best actress awards of the state Academy and powerful women directors of the state, Neha presented a scintillating and engrossing Greek drama containing the realistic element of proscenium essence.

Diwankshi Sabiki emerged as a powerful character of Hecuba, while Shivani Wazir , Kanchi Khajuria and Rekha Sharma as Ilithiya, Edora and Ambrosia in chorus  supported the tragic tale of destruction in  a orchestrated idiom. Samriti Dutta played Helen to Menelaus in Sandeep Sharma and both maneuvered their roles with ease. Ayushi Khajuria in double role of Athena and Cassandra promised as an actor in making to audience applause, while Neeyati justified the plight of the wrecking Andromache. Sourav Kalyan as Telethybius was at his usual best while Manish Kapoor as God Posiedon charmed with his off-beat nuances .

Binoo Joshi, the first and senior most renowned female journalist of the state as chief guest appreciated Neha Lahotra’s initiative into Greek trilogy drama and hoped she may keep the spirit alive . She further said that since the female director has focused her drama on women issues in the past also, it has given her a particular and successful recognition in the field.

Presented under Rangshala Theatre Group of Society, at backstage, Shalini Sharma produced an elaborate set and had designed the costumes to match the period play. In other departments , the play was supported through music by Anuroop Pathania , sound by Lokesh and Sachin while lights were deftly handled by Pankaj Sharma and Prabal. The artful make-up was by Seema Bhardwaj while property was held by Ankush and Aryan. Anoop Goswami looked after the whole management of the play.

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