Time for Pakistan to see writing on wall

J K News Today

If Pakistan had not understood where it stood in the comity of nations, despite its critical geo-strategic location that makes it crucial for the western powers in dealing with the situation in Afghanistan , it must have understood it now that it stands alone in spite of the geographical advantages and the role that it can play in facilitating the US to pull its troops from war-torn Afghanistan .
The noise that Islamabad raised after the Indian parliament passed a resolution endorsing President Ram Nath Kovind’s proclamation that the special status of J&K as per the Article 370 is over , and the state was bifurcated into the two union territories for Ladakh and Jammu and Kashmir was not heard in the world.
The international community could see the contradictions quite clearly in Pakistan’s stand – first it never recognised the Article 370 of the Indian constitution by way of which the state of Jammu and Kashmir was given special status on temporary basis – and now it was trying to make an issue out of its abrogation . The global community rightfully decided to stay off this “ internal matter” of India as J&K was, is and will always be an integral part of India.
Islamabad is now trying to befool its own people by telling them that it is going to heighten its campaign for the people of Jammu and Kashmir by observing solidarity with Kashmiris on its I-Day today. This is misinformation , for Pakistan had been observing the “ solidarity day” in February for Kashmiris and had remained committed to its “ cause” for the past so many years, yet it could not change the realities of Kashmir – the state is part of India and it is now better integrated , rather completely integrated with the rest of the country .
It is time for Pakistan to read writing on the wall and try to focus on its own internal problems rather than meddling in the affairs of its neighbours.

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