“WORLD THEATRE DAY” Corrupted, pseudo-theatric take centre stage on Jammu prosceniums

“Realistic and ethical theatre has died unnatural death”


Neha Lahotra

Jammu, March 27

Every year the month of March has a special reference for the theatre lovers all over the world. March 27, observed as World Theatre Day thus draws drama doers’ cravings to present and participate in theatrical activities with novel innovations besides producing the contemporary idioms for new theatre order.

Jammu in this respect, over the period of few years have been taking lead among its contemporary theatre performers of India by flooding the theatre halls, open air prosceniums and various nukkads in the region producing and presenting various theatrical activities .

The activity, though being appreciated in general many a times have received widespread criticism also for the essence of theatre being tuned and corrupted by few to suit their conveniences, which in process has damaged the ethical contents into it .

Besides, the main focus of the theatre doers in the region is pivoted on clinching sumptuous financial aids from the Ministry of Culture and subletting the productions to smaller groups on small commissions, thus siphoning off the major financial chunk.

Also , there is a practice at galore with local directors-cum-writers who take up world renowned scripts of national and foreign writers and twist the content into their own idioms which kill the basic essence of gist of the play.

“Theatre in Jammu is flourishing on pseudo-drama which the contemporary producers are very smart at presenting to the audience. They take up a renowned script of a renowned playwright, give it a pseudo-abstract idiom to suit their conveniences and make fool of the audience. The irony is that there is no parameter followed by the theatre doers to justify their presentations and no elite critic in the field to question the damage to the theatre,” said Kusum Tickoo , a renowned theater, radio and TV artist of the state.

Her concern was equally voiced by Himanshu Darshan, a best actor awardees of the state who said that theatre groups and their representatives in Jammu have nothing to present of their own except picking foreign drama, giving it a deceitful hue, write abstract synopsis on it , and present to ministry of culture for astronomical funds.

“Realism in theatre has died. It is reduced just to physical exercise on proscenium and gather applause from the select audience brought buy the particular performing group and get the PR exercise done in media. Except a couple of directors who have produced their own segment in drama in the field , rest all are following the league to earn money through theatre , he said .

Today when Jammu and Kashmir Academy of Art, Culture and Languages is holding theatre seminars and various theatre groups attending the ritual of ‘paper theatre’ to observe World Theatre Day, not a least is expected that World Theatre Day of 2108 will find an ethical idiom in theatre presentations in Jammu.

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