Wrong parking led to traffic jam on Tawi Bridge, no Basant effect

JK News Today
Jammu, March 25:
Wrong parking on main Tawi Bridge followed by thick traffic jam since morning seems that there is no effect of strict Traffic IGP Basant Rath on vehicular movement on Sunday.
It was Ram Navmi’s special occasion and since morning there was heavy rush of people who reached Tawi River for immersion of the religious ‘Saakh’ parked their vehicles wrongly on the bridge, which led to traffic jam for hours.
“We thought this time there will be not wrong parking on bridge and on both the sides of bridge, but we think Basant’s effect is only where he presents physically,” said a devotee, who parked his car in a parking area and felt bad due to wrong parking on bridge.
Meanwhile, a traffic cop on duty at bridge said that they have planned a systematic parking for people today, but people not follow instructions and rules at all.
“As this is religious occasion, so cannot interfere much,” he added.

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