Panegyric to Principled Phoney Police



– By Vaneet Kaur

Trumpeted are those who trump-up as totem and a sincere naman to such numen! Let’s sing paeans to souls in saffron, which in our coterie, are no less, in fact are far superior to boys in blue. Khaaki is no more needed to charge laathi, mere kesari should be the lobby.

The meretricious ersatz and not the meritorious stars have the flair to take anyone anywhere at ransom. The orders of the self-anointed cardinal culture police are supreme and lords of the land they are deemed. The government too is a patron of such soi-disant and spurious moral custodians. Being a goon now is the biggest boon!

Come Valentine and one has to surrender one’s right to life and privacy in front of pseudo plods. Long red and get a whack, saffron is the new black. Practice wrongful restraint, intentionally insult with intent to provoke breach of peace and criminally intimidate, nevertheless you will be the mighty one even in that situation.

An atmosphere of fear can easily be created and perpetuated with mafia-style tactics. A hornet’s nest can be stirred on a mere movie. The faux cops can go hammer and tongs at begetters, artists, masses and movie houses. No repercussions bogus constabulary will draw, even shaking in shoes is the long arm of the law. None can dare to raise a voice of dissent, rest in peace fundamental rights of freedom of speech and expression. Keep shouting ban, and suddenly back step and say yes you can. Breezy, what can be more easy?

Self-proclaimed defenders of culture and tradition have even outlined a woman’s ‘place’ in the society. Public place or private abode, your role is clearly to erode away for the paterfamilias. Vouchsafe, for cities may one day become smart but for colleens they assure it will not in a million years be safe.

Moral-brigade and vigilantes in saffron outfits under the veil of extremist and religious fundamentalist organizations can attack at whatever time, converting nation into a flashpoint for communal tension and cultural discord. Hail such heroes, as in front of them your morals are just big zeroes.

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