Team Jammu will not allow any move that encourages and abet demographic change in Jammu Province: Zorawar

JK News Today

Jammu, March 8:

People of Jammu are utterly shocked about the active connivance of the Chief Minister of the State in encouraging and abetting the demographic change of Jammu region.

These were the unanimous views expressed by the Members during an emergent meeting organized here today that was presided by Chairman, Team Jammu, Zorawar Singh Jamwal.

“Changing the demographic character of Jammu is an Islamo-fascist agenda and the involvement of the Chief Minister in promoting this agenda clearly shows where her heart lies and proves all those who were doubting her integrity to uphold National interest in the State as correct,” pointed out Zorawar Singh Jamwal adding that “The recent exposures in the press that the Government has issued instructions which insulate Tribal Land grabbers especially Gujjar Bakerwal and further encourages land grab without any fear of any penal action is a danger signal that the Jammu Province is being destroyed from within with active support of BJP which we will not allow to happen”.

“Entire population of Jammu will rise as one people to defeat the demographic invasion be it through the settlement of Bangladeshi-Rohingya Muslims or fraudulent land grab through Gujjar-Bakerwals,” asserted Chairman Team Jammu, Zorawar Singh Jamwal and added that “Team Jammu recognizes the entire gamut of schemes through which Jammu region is being targeted to promote Islamisation of Jammu and create communal disturbance. The state government has been turned into a frontline instrument to wage war against the interest of people of Jammu and the Nation”.

“BJP’s silence and helplessness is actually collaboration in these designs. People of Jammu are now sure that the agenda of cultural nationalism which BJP claims to promote is actually an agenda of subversion to handover Jammu and Kashmir to Islamists. The state government is gradually building a communal cauldron and whatever happens in the future will squarely be its responsibility,” further pointed out Zorawar Singh Jamwal and called upon the volunteers of Team Jammu to initiate steps to mobilize public opinion on a door to door basis and seek commitment from the people not to sell their land to persons who will eventually change the demographic character of the area.

We warn the Government to desist from indulging in such activities and convey our resolve to fight and sacrifice anything to preserve the interests of people of Jammu region and the Nation.

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