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India achieves diplomatic goals not seen ever before

Binoo Joshi

For the past few months ,India has shown new pathways in opening the diplomatic channels where none existed before. A series of events within the country and abroad came at such a high speed, almost like a  storm , that several influential sections in politics, diplomacy and media thought that India would be having no answers to the issues that  had set the discourse internationally.
The deferment of debate and discussions on the Citizenship Amendment Act, which promises  refuge and citizenship to the persecuted minorities  from three countries, Pakistan, Afghanistan , Bangladesh ,   in the European Union Parliament is being hailed as a major diplomatic victory for India. This  is a very simplistic way of looking at and assessing  the outcome . The issue was very complex and required greater diplomatic  skills and farsighted approach to keep the country’s dignity and sovereignty unchallenged at any international forum.
It was not an easy task to make EU parliament change its schedule- the discussion stands postponed till March . Thorough a broken lens , it may seem that the Indian diplomacy has achieved the postponement for few more weeks.

It is a bigger goal that has been set in motion. It has made the EU parliament to rethink about the whole subject and merit of its discussion on the CAA, that, for all reasons, is India’s internal matter.  This has the unchallenged sanctity of having the approval of the Indian parliament, the sovereign legislative body of the largest democracy in the world. That is what India is.
The rethinking that GoI has set in motion in the minds of the EU parliamentarians has many significant gains that have neither been counted nor analysed. This development has come at a time when ultra liberal media and politicians have struck to their agenda of running down an emerging super power India. It also  serves a note of caution to others ,that they cannot, and should not, meddle with the internal affairs of the largest democracy in the world. It is a powerful message to those seeking to intervene or mediate between India and Pakistan on Kashmir.

It should also serve a message to all in the world that India knows best how to deal with its affairs , it doesn’t interfere in the matters  of others, and it won’t allow others to  cast an evil eye on its ways of doing things .

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