Health department terminates eight doctors


JK News Today

Jammu, December 29: The department of Health and Medical Education of Jammu and Kashmir has today terminated the services of eight doctors for absence without leave or after the end of the leave.

In the government order no. 713-HME of 2017 dated December 29, 2017, issued by the health department, eight doctors have been terminated from their services, for not joining back their duties after several notices issued to them.

Dr. Rumana Masudi, Dr. Tajali Nazir Shora, Dr. Iqbal Rasool, Dr. Bilal Ahmed Baba, Dr. Mohd. Idrees Bashir, Dr Muzamil Ahmed Baba, Dr. Imran Ahmed Fattoo and Dr. Mohd. Hussain were among the doctors who have been terminated from their services.

The department had served a notice vide no. HME/HRM/69/2017 dated 14-08-17 to eleven doctors to join back their duties, failing which they were again sent another notice vide no. Est/3/1-133/2843 dated 13-10-2017 after which only three doctors had joined back.

The department while taking action against the absentees has terminated the services of eight doctors.


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