Heed  Mehbooba !


Binoo Joshi

If the  Centre needed a  reminder   from  Jammu and Kashmir  government regarding its  proposal to hold talks with Pakistan ,  the  Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti delivered it in  a resounding manner in New Delhi on Saturday. She urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to open talks with Pakistan to  re-embark on the journey of reconciliation   that his predecessor Vajpayee, and , he , himself had undertaken . It is the time to restart that process .

There are many challenges awaiting Mehbooba Mufti this summer . She  has to battle on so many fronts – the cross border shelling has shattered her plans to ensure peace in the region , the attention  consumed by such acts  delay the developmental projects and  what is worse that she  has to  combat a narrative of negativism and  frustration .

Then there is a baggage of history  of unfulfilled promises and the  division in the communities owing to the circumstances, which she has to bridge but the violent  mood leaves things in cold storage and the verbal and actual duels between India  and Pakistan  make her task tougher . It is not her individual success or failure that matters, what matters is that if she is consumed , the  whole idea of the mainstream also gets consumed . Her problem is not only the ever-taunting Opposition also the men and women within her  own government , and to be precise, within her own Peoples Democratic  Party. She is caught in a cobweb

She- read mainstream – can breathe only  if the national narrative is  goof and also that narrative is applied to Indo-Pak relations .

Her appeal must be  heeded, not to  give a give fillip to her political ideology – that is one way of thinking- but to save the state of Jammu and Kashmir  from the onslaught of the hostilities of the two countries .

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