“ I am inspired by Imran Khan”: Shah Faesal

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Srinagar, January 11:

Shah Faesal , the bureaucrat turned aspiring politician, said here today that his  resignation from the IAS services, was an act of defiance against the Central government  and he also declared that he was inspired by Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan .

Imran Khan is a  former Pakistani cricketer turned politician and a  bitter critic of India .

At the same time, the former IAS officer who rose in the national eyes as an iconic figure  for his success in the All-India Services Exams in 2009 , rejected the idea of joining Hurriyat Conference and also rebuffed the idea of “ Azadi or Plebiscite,”

He was addressing a press  conference in Srinagar this afternoon .

He said : “
It’s a very important day in my life today. After serving in Indian Administration for 9 years I have decided to quit. This resignation has nothing to do with the service but with the outside condition. The service has given me an opportunity to serve the people. I would always be the proud of being an IAS. By today’s resignation I am putting across small act of defiance towards central government. I am resigning in protest against the lack of political initiative by the centre.”

“ Lots of lives have been lost in last year. If we look at the recent years, there have been attacks on special status like article 370 and 35a. What more source of rejection is to facilitate the return of Kashmiri Pandit’s to valley,” he said paying a usual homily , typical of the Kashmiri political class.

“Outside the state we have seen that there have been constant attacks to attack the integrity of the state. The religious minorities are also being persecuted. It’s about the curbs on freedom of speech and intolerance.”
“There have been attempts to undermine the institutions like CBI and RBI. I would be expecting thoughts from people across India and JK to help me embark on a new mission. I will work for the empowerment of people. It’s time that we disrupt the politics that’s happening in JK.”

“I am inspired by Imran Khan and Kejriwal.
My plan is to talk to civil society ask for suggestions. I would be happy to contest to upcoming elections and we need people to fight these elections to build trust of youth. I wish to use the parliament for the change.”

“I am a man from the system and I would be happy to change things by being in the system. Hurriyat doesnt give me that opportunity as they don’t believe in electoral politics.”

“We should not talk about plebiscite, Azadi. Main stream politics need to open eyes and be able to discuss and open the space. It’s a very sensitive situation we are in. I am not an alternative but as an addition. My representation would be as per the vocabulary of the people. People will believe that it’s a credible initiative.”

“I don’t want to launch a new party, we need to mobilise the youth first and than take a decision. Omar Abdullah has been guiding me and supporting me but they have not approached me.”

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