Imran accuses world of silence on Kashmir, doesn’t want to acknowledge, why


Pakistan is number one enemy of its own. It thinks that it can frighten the world by its alarmist view over its prism on Kashmir. Time and again, it has promoted a theory, particularly after May 1998 when it detonated atomic bombs in Chagai hills in Baluchistan, that since India and Pakistan were nuclear powers, and if they would go to war, these catastrophe laden weapons will be used.

Sure enough, that is Pakistan’s view that the alternative to the third party mediation on Kashmir, the focus is on the US, is the nuclear war between India and Pakistan. That is the way Pakistan wants to send warning signals to the world leaders. The underlying meaning of this episode that Pakistan seeks to promote, is that if its version on Kashmir is not acceptable, the war is imminent, and that too, with the nuclear weapons.

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan while speaking to media on the sidelines of World Economic Forum, currently in session in Davos, used the same analogy that, he, and his predecessors in the past had used.

It is better to understand as to what Pakistan exactly wants – it wants Kashmir. Its desperation has grown ever since New Delhi scrapped the special status of the status of Jammu and Kashmir and bifurcated into two union territories. It called these moves as “annexation” of Kashmir by India.

Premier Imran Khan, and the rest of Pakistan, including its all-powerful military, suffer from amnesia. They forget the history.

There are two particular aspects that should be understood and analysed by Pakistan before leveling such baseless charges against India.

One, which Kashmir Pakistan is talking about. It is the same Kashmir that Pakistani raiders had invaded in October 1947 after it had entered into a standstill agreement with Maharaja Hari Singh, the duly recognized ruler of Jammu and Kashmir. Again, it is the same Kashmir whose ruler Maharaja Hari Singh had acceded to India. Imran Khan and his peers and others need to learn the meaning of “annexation” and accession. There is a difference of not only by miles but that of planets. This is a genuine expectation from Mr. Khan who studied in U K.

Second, Pakistan had never recognized Article 370 that gave a separate constitution, most powerful legislature, and special rights and privileges to the permanent residents of the state, so why its raising hue and cry over the dilution of the Article 370. It is not empathizing with the people in Kashmir but trying to stoke violence-driven terrorism in the Valley. Obviously, it has not found any takers, hence it is using every international platform to spread lies. Enough is enough, Pakistan. The world is aware of Islamabad’s designs, and that is why, as Khan admitted himself, “world is silent.”

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