Karan Singh says good-bye to Parliament

J K News Today

New Delhi, January 5: Former Sadr-e-Riyasat  Dr Karan Singh retired  from Rajya Sabha  today after being member of the  both the houses of  the Parliament for 40 years during which  he  was minister and extraordinary  intellectual and political  voice that made him stand out  as an eloquent speaker .

In his farewell speech , Dr. Karan Singh touched upon the diversity of the Indian nation. He gave a clarion call for preserving and promoting the  constitutional  and civilizational values  of the country that hold  it together. He described the country as  a symbol of unity in diversity and accommodation of various views and all religions. “ We can never be against any religion. The religious tolerance and accommodation is inbuilt in our culture,” Dr. Karan Singh while substantiating his points with quotes from the  Gita and other values enshrined in the  country’s ethos.

He described himself as a “ man from Himalayas” and quoted the importance of  the Himalayas  with poetry of Kalidas and Allama Iqbal.

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