Kashmir Inc supports JRL but wants alternative to frequent strikes

To hold protest rally on Saturday

Srinagar, December 7:

The Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industry extends it’s support to the Jammu Chamber of Commerce and Industry with regard to the complaints of harassment of traders, industrialists and LOC Traders.

The Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industry continues to hold it’s opinion that the implementation of the Goods and Services Tax in our State was detrimental to our economic interests and compromised the Special Status our State enjoyed. Our State is different from any other State of the Country having a special constitutional position.

Now after a period of more than a year having passed, the impact of implementation of GST on our economy is much clearer. Our handicrafts, tourism, industrial and other sectors are suffering. Many establishments have downed shutters permanently. Assurances and promises made have not been acted upon. The State has, in an unprecedented action, refused to honour commitments made in last years budget.

Instead, harassment, arm-twisting and punitive action is being taken against the law abiding business community who are already reeling under stressful conditions prevailing in the State.

We share the anguish of our Jammu Brethren and understand that they have taken the extreme step of calling for boycott of the Pre-Budget discussions after having left with no choice.

We urge His Excellency Mr. Satya Pal Malik, the Governor of Jammu and Kashmir to intervene in the matter and ensure that the genuine problems faced by the trade, commerce and industry of the State are put in proper perspective and redressed. The KCC&I urges for protection of the Special Status of our State and also to take steps for ensuring the participation of the Jammu Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the Pre-Budget Discussions which otherwise would become an exercise in futility.

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