Kashmiri children – symbol of new promise

Binoo Joshi

 January 2, 2018

 The opening of 2018 has a promising note  in it as the children of Kashmir have started realizing that their future lies in career building and the violence around them was the biggest hurdle in  climbing to the peak of their ambitions . There is a  race among the children to excel  in academics and  extra curricular activities that would help them become an integral part of the civilized world, where violence and brutalities have no place .

Certain things are obvious . The rush of the students to get into the special coaching classes for the civil services examinations in Kashmir  is to be seen to be believed.  The tales emanating from the Kashmiri children speak of  their aspirations to  make a niche   for themselves in the  world of competition and excellence .

Their minds have been impacted by  the success of the  men like  Shah Faesal, the topper of the civil  services  examinations in 2010  and many others who have  made to different ranks . They have created a world of their own. What has further inspired them is  the result of the local Kashmir administrative Service examinations in which  the boys and girls from Jammu hills-  Anjum Bashir  Khan Khattak of Surankote, Poonch, Aliya Tabassum Wani of Kishtwar and  Fareed Ahmad of Bhaderwah – bagged the top three positions . The remoteness of their areas and challenging  educational atmosphere  of their  lives  has helped tell a story that nothing is impossible .  This sense of possibility has inspired the youth across the state, particularly the Valley to see where their future lies.

There is a situation . It is a reality. But this reality is being injected  by mythmaking  by the  ( mis) use  of social media , then  the children of the information age   start distinguishing between the  good and bad for them .  Yes, there are elements of violence peppered all over , but the rise of the youth in the competitive world  to become scientists ,  doctors, engineers and  clamour for more colleges and universities  show a different side of the Valley.

Examples  rush in  plenty. Kashmir is reeling under freezing temperatures. The schools have been closed . A middle-rung officer  is in Jammu  as he is  working in a move office. He has   got a comfortable place to live in , but his family has not joined him . “ The children are busy with coaching classes,” he explains why the family is   in the Valley still  and not sharing the comparative warmth in the temperatures in Jammu .. But there is a larger picture : That the children prefer to  toil hard in the freezing temperatures looking forward to their future  in careers . A strong foundation is needed for that and they are making every effort to make  one .

They don’t want to be called children of nowhere and with no   appetite for future. They  want to be  recognised in the world as the children who rose to heights in  their careers despite the discouraging atmosphere . That shows the other side of Kashmir, there is a need to look at that.

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