Mayawati targets PM Modi yet again, brings in his wife to counter ‘crocodile tear’ remark

In a personal attack on PM Modi, the BSP chief accused him of abandoning his wife for the sake of politics.


Lucknow, May 13:

In yet another attack on PM Modi BSP chief Mayawati has brought in PM Modi’s wife.

She accused Prime Minister of abandoning his wife for the sake of politics. “PM Modi left his wife for the sake of Politics. Wives of BJP netas fear that their husbands too might abandon them if like Modi if they grow close to him.” she said.

She also accused the PM of not speaking for Dalits and not speaking against the Alwar gang rape. “Why is PM silent on the Alwar gangrape. He is playing dirty politics over the incident. How can he respect wives and sisters of the nation when he left his own wife for political gains.”

The attack comes a day after PM Modi attacked the BSP chief of shedding crocodile tears on the Alwar gang rape. He also asked her why she didn’t withdraw her support to the Gehlot government if she has an honest concerned for the Dalit victim.

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