Militants pushing Kashmir to Syria –like situation


J K News Today Commentary

New breed of militants indoctrinated by social media and the radicalism disseminating institutions like Madrassahs are seeking to wreck Kashmir like Syria and Iraq and other hotspots in the world read in the line of Yemen, Palestine suppressing the freedom of expression and inflicting severe punishment to those standing up to them.

The killing of the political workers and their security guards has gained new alarming proportions in Kashmir, the militants have killed activists of National Conference, BJP and PDP and Congress who stand in the compartment of mainstream in the Valley. They are symbols who carry with them the Indian triciolour as their flag and whose commitment is to democracy rather rejuvenation of democracy in the state.

Militants who kill such political activists or threaten them or target them in broad day light are trying to decimate all the political voices that don’t support them or whom they deem to be the protagonists of the anti-militancy narrative. Militants go in for the kill even when such political activists maintain low profile or stay quiet on the issues.

Killing of political activists, especially who are guarded deepens fear in the mind of the common people, and that serves the purpose of militants. This time around the political assassinations should be seen in different context and as an unmistakable sign of rise of radicalism in Jammu and Kashmir.

They are hell bent upon creating situation that prevails in Syria and Iraq, the strategic locations in the world that have become a byword for the disaster and the crimes against humanity. The Islamic state and the Islamic radicalism that it represents have played havoc in these countries that are decimated and where the whole system has suffered massive collapse.

Pakistan is behind all this. Islamabad that failed to resist the international pressure on the state patronized non-state actors like Hafiz Saeed and Masood Azhar is encouraging the Islamic radical militants in Kashmir to keep the police burning. The threat is getting magnified as Al-Qaeda has directly stepped into this game where in it has asked the militants to cause maximum damage to the Indian army and the Indian interests to establish the Islamic rule. This is a mode adopted by Pakistan to save itself from the international stigma despite being active in perpetuating the troubles in Kashmir.

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