Muslim women  decreed not to watch  men playing football matches

J K News Today

Jammu, January 30:

A Muslim seminary has decreed that the Muslim women should not watch the men playing football matches as that is  Un-Islamic, a report in a national daily quoted a cleric of the seminary saying.

Mufti Athar Kasmi , a senior cleric of  Asia’s  largest Muslim seminary Dar-ul-Uloom Deoband has issued a decree, asking Muslim women should not watch men playing soccer,

 He said that watching men “playing with bare knees” violated the tenets of Islam and was forbidden for women, reported The Times of India.

The cleric, according to the report, has also asked the Muslim men not to allow their wives to watch football even on television.

“Do you have no shame? Do you not fear God? You let her watch these kinds of things,” Mufti was quoted as having said in his Friday sermon.

“Why do women need to watch these football matches? What they will gain by looking at footballer’s thighs. Their attention will be on that only and they will even miss the scores,” the report mentioned Mufti as having said.

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