Pakistan needs to learn ABC of Human Rights

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Human rights have sanctity. This is true for all the humans across the world. But when some countries, particularly Pakistan whose own human rights record is wretched, uses the HR issues as a political weapon while targeting India on what is happening in J&K, that shows that it is trying to hide its dismal record on the issue.

Without going into what Pakistan has done to the people of Baluchistan, North Waziristan, and the Pashtuns in its territories as also to Sindhis, more serious issue is that what it wants to achieve by raking up the alleged human rights violations in Kashmir. Pakistan’s objectives are clear: it wants to incite violence by one way or the other, because all its tactics and mischievous plans to stoke troubles in the Valley have failed.

The reality in Kashmir speaks for itself. After the abrogation of Article 370 on August 5, the erstwhile state is without any special status, and now it stands divided into the two union territories, there was apprehension of some trouble, and the source of the would be trouble-making was traced to Islamabad and GHQ, Rawalpindi. Needless to say that Pakistan was listed as a trouble maker because of its historical record od having created troubles in Jammu and Kashmir, whether it was the wars of 1947, 1965 or 1999, or the proxy war that it launched post 1987 elections in the state.

 Pakistan had engineered violence in which guns were put to use. Kashmir was made as a battleground. More than 40,000 people have died. Pakistan’s own estimate of the numbers is quite high. The sole responsibility for this macabre picture that has the gory colours of blood of Kashmiris lies with Pakistan alone.

Current reality of Kashmir is that shops are open from morning to late evening, schools have started functioning normally, public transport is on roads, mobile phones are working. Only a blind can ignore such irrefutable signs of normalcy, and call it a violation of human rights.

Pakistan is living in denial. It  has made it a habit to call the measures to save the lives of the people and averting street clashes as “lockdown.” Perhaps, Pakistan’s own sense of normalcy is bloodletting.

Democracies have a duty toward their citizens to save their lives and properties. This is what the Government of India, the representative institution of the largest democracy of the world, has done in Kashmir. There was not even a single casualty since August 5, and if the casualties happened that were because of Pakistan sponsored terrorists, who killed truckers and non-local labourers.

Islamabad needs to learn alphabets of human rights before pointing accusing fingers at others.

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