Pakistan PM’s double speak

J K News Today Commentary

The February 14th  Pulwama terror attack  was at the centre of Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan’s televised statement on Tuesday in which he offered  to talk on terrorism and at the same time warned India of consequences if it happened to strike at Pakistan .

Skepticism apart , Imran khan attempted to highlight  multiple   sides of  “ new  Pakistan “ in which  the visit of Saudi crown Prince  was rated higher than issuing a response to the Indian accusation of Pakistan’s involvement in the terror assault in Pulwama that left at least 40 CRPF personnel dead . His statement was wrapped in usual Pakistani clichés  that it is the worst victim of terrorism that has claimed 70,000 lives and “ it doesn’t serve our interest to allow the terrorists to use our soil for their designs”.

But the most significant was his willingness to return to Ufa spirit of July 2015 when India and Pakistan had agreed to  talk terrorism first .

Imran  Khan’s claim that  his offer  to  Government of India was a matter of policy and not any pressure , and above all for the peace and stability of the region  was negated when he  charged India for making all these charges with the election time in India.

Imran Khan conveniently  forgot that his country had made such promises in the past too  and never delivered on it .

Pakistan premier asked for actionable evidence , a cliché that the world has been hearing  since 26/11 , and more recently after 2016 attack on Pathankot airbase ,  but leads to a question , who are Azhar Masood  and Hafiz Saeed , and how are they viewed by most of the countries , and where are they located . He would have found the answer to the condition that he laid for acting against the terror elements .

Masood Azhar was set free in exchange of  Indians held hostage in hijacked airliner IC 814  parked in  the then Taliban ruled Kandhar in December 1999. And how did he find his way to  Pakistan and  who helped him set up the terror outfit Jaish-e-Mohammad .

Jaish-e-Mohammad in Kashmir operates under the direct command and control of its bosses in Pakistan , protected and patronized by Pakistan army . They have mounted the attack and caused severe casualties , now it is the time for Pakistan P M to act. And, secondly, all the dossiers given in the past of all the attacks sponsored by terror groups from Pakistan have been rejected, what is the guarantee that this time Pak army would not repeat the same exercise .

Prime Minister Khan knows it . Had he been sincere , he would have acted against the terrorists operating on its soil  bent upon bleeding India, as Pakistan has acted against the terror networks that mounted terror attacks on its soil.




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