Pakistan thrives on contradictions

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Pakistan is a strange country ! It is made up of contradictions and when it contradicts itself it forgets the original thing its ministers and military Generals say.

On May 11 – Saturday, one of the leading newspapers of India Hindustan Times   carried a news item under the heading :” Pak blinks, offers moratorium on artillery firing to ease LoC tensions.”

The report quoted an unnamed military official  and said: “ Pakistan has blinked first in the staring battle along the Line of Control ( LoC), the de-facto  border between India and Pakistan. Under sustained pressure from India , Pakistan has offered to de-escalate tensions along the LoC. The offer to India was made by the Pakistani military through the institutionalized military channels of communication between the two sides.”

Lo and behold, on May 14- Tuesday , Pakistani Newspaper Express Tribune reported “ India requests Pakistan to halt artillery fire along LoC”.

The Islamabad datelined story in the newspaper said :

The Indian army has requested Pakistan to stop the use of artillery fire after it suffered heavy losses in the recent military standoff between the two nuclear-armed neighbours, official sources disclosed here on Monday.

It is not immediately clear if Pakistan has accepted India’s request but development suggests that the two countries might be discussing the options of de-escalating tensions along the Line of Control and the Working Boundary.

It also indicates that the channel of communications that were suspended during the military standoff in February may have been restored.”

What makes Pakistani newspaper’s report interesting and intriguing is that it appears after the three days of the HT report in India- the delay suggests that Pakistan army found itself in an embarrassing position after the report in India media. If it had anything to contradict it could have done it on May 11 itself .

After three days, it wanted to give an impression that India was requesting and Pakistan is to take a call on it . Anyone with senses would know that who is telling the truth and who is telling lies.

Supposing if India had made this suggestion , why didn’t Pak media carry the report same day.

Pakistan has suffered huge military losses after the exchange of fire went up several notches up  post February 14 terror attack in Pulwama  and retaliatory strikes in Balakot terror camp  deep in Pakistan on February 26.

The  Pakistani newspaper carried a report on May 10 quoting Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi  that India was being rigid and not responding to the “ goodwill gestures of Pakistan.”

Pakistan is suffering from an amnesia or it is indulging in deliberate contradictions to keep the domestic audience in good humour.

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