Pak’s lies on Gilgit-Baltistan

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The office of Prime Minister represents knowledge  and travelling on the historically correct path , but, in the case of Pakistan , it seems that its PM Imran Khan has neither.

On Friday, he was in Gilgit Baltistan , to what he called “ celebrate independence of the region” on November 1, 1948 , hailing the “ heroes of independence.” This betrays complete absence of knowledge of history and the current status of Gilgit Baltistan. The region is under the illegal occupation of Pakistan that it has helped  Beijing to colonise to execute its China-Pakistan Economic Corridor .

Prime Minister Khan , who is struggling to stave off the storm that has hit the mainland  Pakistan by the “ Azadi march” of  Jamait-e-Ulema  – F of FazlurRehman , tried to hide the real facts about the region and its people. He did not tell them that how the people of this Himalayan region were made cannon fodder by Pakistani army during Kargil war in 1999. He should have told them that how Pakistan army and establishment  had disowned the soldiers of North Light Infantry , who hailed mostly from the region .Hailing of their sacrifices at this stage smacks of the devilish design of Pakistan ,that uses the people to achieve its military and foreign  policy objectives. If Kargil  was about making the  NLI men as sacrificial lamb by Pakistan army , now they are being subjected to atrocities of all kinds. They have been denied all their rights , and made bonded labourers for Chinese projects which are being executed by Beijing under the sharp vigil of People’s Liberation Army. . they are being coerced , and denied of access to their natural resources.

Pakistan prime minister should acknowledge that Gilgit-Baltistan is part of  Jammu and Kashmir  state that acceded to India in October 1947 . This is the reality that Pakistan establishment should accept  and handover the region and its people to India in a peaceful manner . There is no other escape route left for Pakistan . Once Pakistan hands over territory and the people to India, that would be the real independence for the people of the region .


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