Pari trailer: Anushka Sharma’s horror avatar ‘blows away’ Virat Kohli. Here’s what he said about his ‘one and only’

An eye floating in water, a bloodied Anushka Sharma clipping her nails and a benefactor Prambrata Chatterjee who might fall victim to his own Good Samaritan act — Pari trailer is a tease. Despite multiple screamers and now a full-length trailer, it is hard to get a grip on Anushka Sharma’s character in the film. However, every time Anushka comes on screen with blood dripping over her face, you experience pure fear. Wait till the end when you see her with a nail clipper! Even husband Virat Kohli could not help but tweet about it.

Directed by debutant Prosit Roy, the film also stars Rajat Kapoor and Ritabhari Chakraborty. Sharing the Pari trailer on Twitter, Anushka wrote, “This Holi, the devil’s out to play. #PariTrailer – @paramspeak @OfficialCSFilms @kriarj @poojafilms.” At one-and-a-half minute, the trailer is crisply edited and succeeds in engaging and keeping us on the edge.

Cricketer Kohli tweeted, “Can’t wait to watch my one and only in an avatar never seen before and I’m blown away already . Can’t wait @anushkasharma @officialcsfilms #PariTrailer”

It begins by showing Anushka as a person in need and Parambrata as a man who helps her and will gradually fall in love with her. However, as the events unfold, everyone — including Parambrata — is in doubt if Anushka is actually dangerous rather than the meek person she looks like. The trailer ends at a scene where we see two Anushkas – one of them is scared as the other one, with blood smeared all over her face, scares her away!

Co-produced by Anushka’s Clean Slate Films and Prerna Arora’s KriArj Entertainment, Pari promises to push Bollywood’s horror genre to another level. Karnesh Sharma of Clean Slate Films, film’s co-producer and Anushka’s brother, said about Pari, “At Clean Slate our endeavour is to push the envelope with every film that we make. With Pari, we are hoping to give to our discerning audience an experience in the horror genre that will hopefully stay with them for a while. The response to the posters and screamers has been very encouraging and we are now looking forward to its release.”

“For us at KriArj, there is just one driving force – we want to give to the audience, quality entertainers. Pari is our ode to the atmospheric horror genre, a new space for Hindi film audience. We are extremely happy that our collaboration with Clean Slate Films is finally bearing fruit and is up for release. Looking forward to taking Pari to our audience now,” adds Prernaa Arora of KriArj Entertainment.

The film was initially supposed to release on February 9. It will now hit theatres on March 2.

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