St. Mary’s Infant Convent School Emblazons Mothers

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Jammu, May 6:

Celebrations were galore at St. Mary’s Infant Convent School as the students, staff and management of the school joined hands to hail and extol mothers with mother’s day being in the offing. The celebration which was orchestrated to pay an ode to the beloved mothers and to enliven the beauteous objects of lilliputians’ affectionencompassed myriad of emotive and evocative moments that witnessed rollicking of inestimable ecstasy of splendid peregrination of motherhood.

The festivities commenced with the gracious hands of the mothers of the school presidium lighting the ceremonial lamp along with Mrs. Sheetal Anthony, Principal of the school. Thereafter, the adulation for mothers was transferred from heart to art with endearing performances cocooning skits, dances and rhymes that limnedvariegated hues of motherhood. The preschoolers also serenaded the much loved mothers with melodious medleys. Concomitant love on the faces of the tiny tots throughout the array of performances was truly a sight to behold.

Complementing the ardour of kids, mothers also stepped up and performed on various songs and sung for their children exuberantly. Numerous interactive games were organized for the special vedettes including passing of the parcel and tambola, which witnessed winsome retreat of the guests from motherhood to childhood. The little ones too actively egged on their mothers and thoroughly enjoyed to see their embodiments of love in a new fun avatar.

After a fun-filled gala time, mothers recounted the most cherished echoes of their beatific journey of motherhood and smiles outstretched as the sentiments surfaced. Mothers also expressed heartfelt gratitude towards the school for etching many more marvellous moments in their memories through this benevolent occasion of bonding.

The outpouring of the emotions was followed by a rightful felicitation of mothers by Mrs. Sheetal Anthony, who in her address stated that an affectionate event was especially organized for doting mothers to celebrate, honour and foster the matchless propinquity between mothers and their tiny spitting images. She impetrated students to value this divine bond as it is because of countless sacrifices of mothers that children are able to carve a niche under the sun.

The celebration of purest ever bond known to mankind, came to a close with entrancing moments of amity, maunder and merriment shared amongst the gathering over flavorous aliments hosted in their veneration. The soul-stirring gestures of the children all through the event gave colossal joy to mothers and they departed from the school with an ineffaceable mark inscribed on their tender hearts to treasure forever.

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