Ajay Pandita’s murder, double standards of international media



Jammu, June 14:

There was not a word about the killing of Ajay Pandita  “Bharti” sarpanch of a village in South Kashmir  in the international  media outlets  nor the protests that were held by angry  members of his community members in Jammu and elsewhere since his murder on Monday.

Pakistani media  remained silent. It does not  speak of the killing of innocent civilians  of any religious affinity and never breaches its pro-terrorism protocol when it comes to the minorities in Kashmir .Ajay Pandita was a non-entity for them .

Not that international  media reporting on the gruesome murder  of a minority  Kashmiri Pandit community could have made any difference  for the terrorists would have carried  on with their killing spree . The silence of this media , it  became clear , justified the acts of terrorists by their silence. . They have double-standards .

Ajay Pandita’s murder was not an ordinary one – the terrorists had a purpose of more than  shedding his blood . With the spilling of his blood they rewrote the slogan of no-return for the community that had got displaced  in 1990s  by the similar guns . Whether the community members were killed individually, or collectively – the massacres of Sangrampura, Wandhama and Nadimarg  are etched deep in the psyche of the community.

There has been some outrage in parts of this country, and Kashmiri Pandit  netizens  have lived up to their reputation of keyboard warriors. But, the non-India media did not think it proper to write even a word about it, because it doesn’t sit in heir narrative of  not speaking against the terrorism  in Kashmir , especially when civilians fall to bullets.

The most distressing  is the way the international and Pakistani media glorify the terrorists and  hail their qualifications and  eulogize their blood-letting exploits with a never ending trail of elegies as if the committed no sin ever.

Innocents and minority Kashmiri Pandit community members don’t fit in their narrative . They don’t matter, nor do their lives for them.




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