Yogesh Manhas: Photo Mentor for One Plus Phones

JK News Today

A photo journalist turned photo mentor for One-Plus India (Renowned mobile company), Yogesh Manhas has choosen an adventurous field for him to work and now he is pursuing this challenging work in  photography.

Q1: What is a photo mentor?

Manhas: A photo mentor is one who travels from one place to other and use the camera of the phone before it is launched.  I am photo mentor of 1+ (One Plus) and travelling from one place to another using 1+ mobile phones, click the pictures, put the camera under tests and finally when I approve, company plans its official launch of the particular model. The the pictures clicked by photo mentor are also used on the advertisement of the phones.

Q2: How is this field and why you chose this ?

Manhas: This is an adventurous field, where one can explore his or her talent in photography. I was a photo journalist with national newspapers like Amar Ujala and The Indian Express . I also worked on a project with Ministry of Railways and done photography of train called , ‘The Train Story’. Now, I got this opportunity and I am happily pursuing.

Q3: What is your job profile?

Manhas: It’s a contract or you can say part time job, but it is matter of pride to become first photographer from J&K state, who is photo mentor with any big company. My profile is to shoot pictures with 1+ phone cameras and then upload on instagram handler, where we are having over 9 lac followers.

Q4: Are you working on some other projects too?

Manhas: As I am settled down in Delhi, I have also established my own media company called Wantbox Media under which I am working on a project on Dogra heritage and history. I am planning to publish a book having photographs of Dogra Heritage with the details.

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