Zafar Ali Khatana levels serious charges against PDP minister, says vested interests looting people

JK News Today

Jammu, January 07: Choudhary Zafar Ali Khatana, Ex Vice Chairman Gujjar and Bakerwal Advisory Board who resigned from the board and from the basic membership of the ruling Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) today leveled serious charges of corruption against sitting minister.

Addressing a press conference after resigning from the Advisory Board where he held the rank of Minister of State, Zafar Ali Khatana said that the party was completely off the track that its visionary leader Mufti Mohamed Sayeed had laid down for the party adding some self-styled leaders of the party who lost even the elections but were closer to the power corridors were running the party on whims and fancies and indulging in open loot through various means.

He said that he was resigning from the basic membership of the PDP alongwith his supporters as he does not feel that a person who was not allowed to serve the community when he held a ministerial rank post how can he serve them being just a member of such a party where sincere people are not allowed to work.

He said that his mission was to serve the deprived Gujjar and Bakerwal community but he found that the board was a mere eye wash as the Vice chairman could do nothing to mitigate their problems forcing him to resign.

Choudhary Zafar Ali Khatana said that the government has destroyed the tribal community and there was none who can listen to their grievances adding that it has come to his knowledge that the Tribal Affairs Minister Ch Zulfkar Ali has amassed huge wealth after becoming the minister.

He alleged that Gujjar Bakerwal community was being ignored in every sphere be it recruitment of SPOS or Bank jobs and are also denied even the benefit of reservation while promotions are also being denied to them. He added that Gujjar Bakerwal Board was being slowly wound up to create one-upmanship of Tribal Affairs ministry.

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