Zest to take a lead keeps us younger: Actoress Ila Arun

There is no shortcut to success says KK Raina

JK News Today

Jammu, March 28:

Eminent theater director and versatile stage, movies and TV actor K K Raina along with famous theatre and Bollywood actor and singer Ila Arun who were here to stage a play as a part of Theatre Olympics, while interacting with media here today expressed unhappiness over theatre not being able to give livelihood to those involved with it.

Talking to media, Ila Arun said, “I started my group in 1982. I was lucky to get like-minded people who would do serious theatre and had no commercial plans.  She had written an original play RIYAZ and has adapted about nine plays.

While answering a query over how she looks so fresh and young she said, “The love, the liveliness, the positivity, and the zest to take a lead and stand for protection of other women – keep us younger years by years without any cosmetics. Hence, your inner beauty will shine from within, and will keep you glowing and beautiful always.  While speaking on the occasion KK Raina said that I always discourage those who take shortcut in life. Every young actor should first learn acting. It’s a wrong perception that only by building a good physique one can become a good actor. Youth don’t read to grow, they don’t open themselves to new possibilities; while on the other hand the authorities are doing nothing to create opportunities for them.

The journey of becoming a good actor in theatre is painstaking. Commercially in India, theatre has not made its way where it can support a livelihood.  So, people from theatre, end up coming into television or films.

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