ECI directs over 350 observers to ensure smooth, free and fair polling on 19th April, 2024

JK News Today

New Delhi April 12: 102 Parliamentary Constituencies in 21 states are scheduled for polling on 19th April, 2024 in which 127 General Observers, 67 Police Observers and 167 Expenditure Observers have been deployed. All have reported in constituencies before the last date of nomination i.e. 26th March, 2024. Sh. Rajiv Kumar, Chief Election Commissioner accompanied with Sh. Gyanesh Kumar, Election Commissioner and Sh. Sukhbir Singh Sandhu, Election Commissioner asked all the observers to strictly ensure that polling stations contain all amenities for voters especially to combat heat, no inducements are offered close to voting of first phase, forces are optimally utilised and law and order is kept under strict watch. Central Observers were inter alia directed to ensure: I. The preparedness for polling in all the constituencies well in advance and ensure the level playing field for all the stakeholders i.e. candidates and political parties II. To remain physically available within the Parliamentary Constituency they are allotted during the entire election process. III. Wide publication of mobile/landline/email/place of stay and circulation amongst candidate and political parties so that they are available on the designated numbers/addresses on daily basis to general public/candidate and political parties, IV. Randomization of deployment of forces in their presence V. That Central Forces/State Police Forces are being utilized judiciously and maintaining neutrality and their deployment is not favouring any political party/candidate VI. Randomization of EVMs/VVPATs and polling personnel in their presence VII. Smooth process of home voting for 85+ and PwDs and Postal Ballot for persons on election duty, essential duties and Service Voters VIII. That the Electoral Rolls are supplied to the political parties and contesting candidates IX. The Vulnerability Mapping has been fairly done by the district administration and transportation and communication plan prepared accordingly X. Deployment of Micro Observers XI. Commissioning of EVM/VVPAT before all candidates / their representatives XII. Oversee robust security arrangements at the EVM Strong Rooms and ensure presence of authorised agents of all candidates XIII. All complaint redressal mechanisms are in place XIV. That integrated Control Rooms have been set up in districts under overall charge of an officer authorised to take timely corrective action XV. 100% distribution of voter information slips has been done in advance before the polling day XVI. All the IT applications such as C-vigil, Voter Helpline App, Saksham App, ENCORE, Suvidha App etc, are being used by the election staff and they are properly trained to use these apps XVII. The training of all the polling personnel including the counting staff, Micro Observers etc. are been/have been organized in orderly manner XVIII. Visiting the polling stations in the constituency and ensure that Assured Minimum Facilities are in place at all the polling stations XIX. Setting up of Voter Assistance Booth at all the polling stations for convenience of voters, special facilitation for differently abled, physically challenged, women, elderly and leprosy affected voters etc XX. Facilities of drinking water, sheds/shamyanas for voters waiting in queue and proper sitting arrangements outside the polling stations during polling XXI. That Flying Squads, Statistics Surveillance Teams, Video Viewing Teams, Border Check Posts, Nakas etc. are doing their work round the clock and the efforts are being made so that there is no movement and distribution of cash, liquor, freebees, drugs/narcotics XXII. Proper working by Media Certification and Monitoring Committees for pre[1]certification of political advertisement and paid news XXIII. Timely curbing of fake news/mis-information, and pro-active dissemination of information to steer positive narrative.