Udhampur, Oct. 15

The Rashtriya Rifles Battalion at Kalal in an endeavour to promote self employment has commenced a two week long JCB driving cadre for unemployed youth in remote areas of Nowshera, in Rajouri district.

According to Defence Spokesman, “A total of 28 youth from villages Mangiote, Gagrote and Dabbar Potha are participating in the cadre which will provide the youth with skills of JCB driving learning techniques, its routine maintenance and on the job experience. The cadre comprises of the basic knowledge of mechanical parts, their functions, capacity of machine. The practical and on the job training will be carried out under the supervision of well qualified instructor”.

He added that brochures and study materials containing relevant information on JCB driving techniques were also being provided to the youth for the duration of the course.

“The aim of this initiative taken by the Army in conducting such a cadre is to assist the unemployed youth in providing skills with local employability as JCBs are being used in developmental activities such as construction work, loading and earth digging,” stated the spokesman

“The youth in the region have embraced cadres providing them with self employment opportunities as it is a step forward in bringing financial prosperity leading to overall economic development in the region”.