JK News Today

Jammu October 25

Nirmal Bhardwaj, CEO Resurgent today interacted with the students and faculty of The Business School. Speaking on the occasion, he congratulated the faculty and the institution on the good quality work that was being done and urged the students to keep themselves abreast of the current affairs and develop the habit of analyzing the repercussions of the business decisions on its stakeholders.

In his address, Bhardwaj said that knowledge is all about triggering what we already have within ourselves by increasing our interaction with the rest of the world. He appreciated that an IIM campus will soon open at Jammu’s doorstep which will bring opportunities and benefit the state through the infrastructure and collaborations it will bring with it. Such opportunities, he says, should be grabbed for building of a vibrant network through developing connections across institutes. CEO further emphasized the need to promote entrepreneurship despite the educational degrees one may acquire, as it is a measure of one’s’ intrinsic worth that the society rates us on.

While speaking about the qualities that a successful businessman needs to possess, Bhardwaj said that in the times of technology outburst, one must embrace technology at the earliest and grab every possible opportunity to use data analysis which is growing at a rapid rate. Specifically talking about the tremendous growth of online shopping, he said that there is a lot of money in the new startups and that although India is the youngest startup nation to utilize this opportunity, Jammu University is still to start in this direction to become self sustainable. Citing statistics in support of the startups, he mentioned that by 2020 an estimated 11,500fresh startups are likely to hit the market and close to three lakh people will find employment in such startups as there is a lot of opportunity in this field.

Earlier Prof. B. C. Sharma, Director, The Business School introduced and welcomed the guest while Prof. Alka Sharma presented the formal vote of thanks. The lecture was well received by the students who showed keen interest in the ideas presented by the guest who actively participated and posed several related queries.