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Srinagar, March 31: Senior NC leader and former minister Choudhary Mohammad Ramzan made a scathing attack on PC chief Sajad Lone for his “ double- speak “

In a scathing denouncement, JKNC senior leader Choudhary Mohammad Ramzan delivered a searing indictment of Sajad Lone’s Twitter allegations, exposing them as a feeble attempt to obscure Lone’s deep-rooted affiliations with the BJP and RSS. Choudhary Ramzan unraveled the uncomfortable truths surrounding Lone’s familial legacy, tracing the bloodshed and turmoil in the valley to the People’s Conference’s creation of the armed wing militant outfit “Albarq.”

Addressing Lone’s claims regarding security, Choudhary Ramzan exposed the stark disparity in treatment between JKNC ministers and Sajad Lone, shedding light on the extensive privileges lavished upon Lone by the BJP. Despite holding ministerial positions multiple times, JKNC ministers receive minimal security compared to the elaborate protection provided to Lone.
Emphasizing how JKNC ministers, with just one PSO, pale in comparison to the full presence of law enforcement officers involved in the election process at Lone’s events. He accused Lone of pre-election maneuvering by exerting influence to place officers according to his whims.

Choudhary Ramzan lamented the irony of those who were killed, suffered losses, whose houses were burnt, whose families were forced to migrate, who were forcibly made to resign from JKNC, whose education was affected, and became victims of violence instigated by the so-called People’s Conference, now being labeled as “white-collar killers” by Sajad Lone. He questioned Lone’s sincerity by asking how many times Lone raised the issue of missing persons in the assembly when he served as a minister in an RSS-backed government.

Sajad Lone claims to champion the voice of Kashmiris in Parliament, but let him answer this: When did he speak for Kashmiris while serving as a minister in the assembly? His tenure was marked by mere gratitude to the BJP for a passport, a shameful reality he cannot deny.

Choudhary Ramzan challenged Lone’s purported concern for Kashmiris, questioning why Lone did not resign from his ministerial position when people were being massacred, children shot with pellets, and houses burnt down. He criticized Lone’s inaction during incidents like the lynching of a lecturer in 2016, suggesting Lone’s ambition to become Chief Minister took precedence over the welfare of Kashmiris. In 2015, he himself became a minister under their quota,” Chowdhary Ramzan said.” How can he credibly oppose the BJP when he owes his position to them? People are no longer swayed by Lone’s rhetoric; they discern between right and wrong.
It was Sajad Lone who paved the way for RSS in Kashmir. He was the one who asserted that RSS has every right to operate in Kashmir. This blatant endorsement of RSS by Lone exposes his true loyalties and undermines any pretense of opposition to the BJP.

With a resolute voice, Choudhary Ramzan proclaimed that the era of deceit and manipulation in Kashmir politics, epitomized by Lone and his cohorts, is rapidly drawing to a close. He cautioned that the people of Kashmir are no longer susceptible to their schemes and falsehoods, heralding an imminent shift away from their treacherous web of deceit.