By Vaneet Kaur Parwanda – Citizen Journalist

Even after the honourable Supreme Court blazoned coaching centres in residential areas as illegal acknowledging the nuisance created by attendees of coaching classes and directed them to shift out to commercial premises or institutional areas, the institutes continue to thrive and plague the residential colonies.

The institutes which have illegally mushroomed in numerous colonies and functioning in gross violation of norms have led to utter chaos in the residential areas and have made lives of the dwellers completely miserable, disturbing public peace and causing multiple civic problems.

In the name of classes, rowdy juveniles loiter around throughout the day, harassing women and elderly. Some scapegraces do not even shy away from sitting/standing in road corners and parked cars in rebarbative manner. When objections are raised, brazen-faced rogues misbehave with the community members whilst centre heads and property owners turn mute spectators as the subjects coequal lucrative cash cows for money-grubbing people.

A shed load of institutes have sprouted everywhere in the residential zones. For instance a single lane in A/C block of Gandhi Nagar has three such institutes. Each centre has around fifty to more than a hundred students in a single batch alone and with multiple such batches run by each centre throughout the day, the rabble and its resultant clamour is palpable! Once a peaceful residential belt has been relegated to a gridlocked expanse so much so that even  the poshest of the localities are a witness to constant squabble amid tuition class management and local citizens due to such bones of contention.

Lads and lasses park their vehicles in a haphazard manner, clogging up entrances of homes and lanes. While unattended cars parked in private driveways occupy resident’s parking space, vehicles dropping off and picking up students aggravate the traffic congestion. To make matters worse, reckless parking by youngsters alongside householder’s vehicles leading to multiple scratches in residential vehicles threatens to jeopardize peace and harmony of the neighbourhood.

Furthermore, round the clock presence of fleet of vehicles and horde of people has robbed off community of tranquillity. After completion of hourly tuition batches, students keep standing in lanes for long hours making it a hub of vagabonds who make it uncomfortable for females to step out of their houses. In addition, pack of wanderers litter the vicinity with junk food wrappers and leftovers while the landlords are busy in making money at the cost of health, safety and welfare of burghers.

The prevalent mood in the localities, meanwhile, is turning from anger to disgust at what their vicinage has been allowed to become. The distasteful ambience created by such centres have made the tract unfit for residence and such is the graveness of this menace which if not bridled will uproot the innocent residents desirous of a decent life from their place of abode.