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Education in the valley it appears has become the birth right of only the privileged ones – the ones born in the family of those who stop others from the fundamental right to education!

While separatist hardline leader Ali Shah Geelani was calling for shutting down of schools, boycotting of examinations and directing miscreants to burn the schools and attack teachers and students of other schools, his own grand-daughter, the daughter of Nayeem Geelani who studies in 10th class in Delhi Public School (DPS) Srinagar was comfortably appearing in the examinations in indoor stadium of the school for five continuous days starting from 1st October to 5th October.

The double-standards of the blue-nosed were at last busted! But it surely did come at the cost of thousands of innocent children whose future the humbug left in ruins. Those born with the surname of Geelani had nothing to lose, their education went on unperturbed, but the children of the commoners have lost an entire academic year, the repercussions of which will haunt them for years to come.

The hypocrisy of the self acclaimed leader is evident in the fact that Geelani’s own kids have been well educated with all becoming doctors or some or the other professionals, meanwhile his grandchildren continue to pursue their academic goals in the best of schools at times when other children in the valley have been completely debarred from it. Needless to say, his tirade against education is only hitting the poor and most deprived students of Kashmir.

Moreover, Geelani exhorts the virtues of militancy in Kashmir but ironically none of his kids or kin have ever participated actively or joined this militancy. Even this contradiction like the rest, has only been consuming the lives of the kids of poor people in Kashmir. Only those have been guided on the path of bloodshed who are not related by blood!

The scooping out of the truth of grand-daughter of Syed Ali Shah Geelani having appeared for examinations while snatching the right from all others has lifted the veil from his spurious claims of well being of Kashmir and its people. It’s high time that the general masses open their eyes to this hard blow and see how they themselves and their children are being deceived as well as tactfully coerced to sacrifice their lives merely for selfish interests of some vicious power-grubbing people.