By Shivani Gupta

Being beautiful is all about life style. Its about health and vitality. Today synthetic mass manufactured vanity cases have replaced the ancient adorably carved wooden chest or metal cases once used by brides.

Long flowing lustrous hair has been associated with women of great beauty. Hair has been an instrument of fashion. It’s often termed as crowning glory. Beautiful bowney hair refects the health of the person and gives the appearance of vibrancies in life. Hair itself organically is dead material but not the follicle.
We need to know basic hair facts. Each hair is made up of an outer layer or cuticle. This  is madeup of Protein called Keratin, which protects hair moisture next is the inner layer where colouring on pigment is produced this surrounds the inner most layer called the medulla. Hair grown from follicle. Each follicle produces only one hair strand. An average human head contains 80,000 to 1,50,000 strands

Some of the most common problems are dandruff, split ends, thinning and falling hair, premature graying, dull and rough hair, dandruff: there is a misconception it is due to dry scalp. Wrong dietry habit also is a cause to it. These flakes when fall on face, or neck, forehead or arms can cause acne also.

Home remedy

Warm oil treatment

Wheat germ oil + coconut/olive oil massage well and rinse with water in which lemon juice is added. Dr Fenugreek soaked (Methi) in warm oil and apply. In saloon treatment : cleansing scalp with the help with the help of oxygen and suction is a very effective & quick remedy.

Dull lifeless hair

Home remedy:

Banana, curd and honey mix & mash well and apply hair & scalps. Keep for, half hour & wash. Your texture will improve deistically.

In saloon treatment :

Deep conditioning treatment are available which travel to zone A,D & C of scalp like keratin, Fiberceutic  cristalceutic, hair spa power dose and many more such treatment are very effective.

There is also need to dispel some myths about food, nutrients and diet. Increasing some daily dose of vitamins is also important. Let your body talk about food it has and it needs.
Amazing hair is not an accident it’s an appointment too with your hairstylist who can guide you on your best hair conditions..